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There’s nothing that Legends Cup Winner 2018-19 Diksha Kapoor won’t do to win her race...

“I started with calisthenics, bar workout, cross-fit, and HIIT training, and eventually joined yoga as well.” There’s nothing that Legends Cup Winner 2018-19 Diksha Kapoor won’t do to win her race, finds Devils Circuit in a recent interview.

Devils Circuit (DC): Tell us a little about yourself

Diksha Kapoor (DK): I am 21; I have been brought up in the city of Jammu. I graduated in Commerce Hons. As a child, I was never into sports, only participating in Sports Day races once a year.

DC: How do your friends describe you?

DK: My best friend recently said I’ve gone from Barbie to Milkha Singh.

DC: When did you start your fitness journey?

DK: Two years ago, I joined our local fitness centre, Trance Institute of Dance and Fitness, out of curiosity as my brother trained there. In a few months, I started enjoying my workout regimen, and improved a lot in a short span of time. I started with calisthenics, bar workout, cross-fit, and HIIT training, and eventually joined yoga as well.

DC: Why is fitness so important to you?

DK: Within 6-8 months of working out, I noticed a tremendous change in my core strength as well as my mental focus. I began taking care of my body and eating well, and it positively affected me. In the last one year, I have followed a strict fitness regime, and focused on eating healthy as well. My goal is to push myself harder and test my limits each day. Being fit has given me a newfound confidence, and it’s what keeps me inspired to go to the gym every day.

DC: Tell us about your daily workout?

DK: I run every morning from 4 am to 5 am, follow it up with one hour of yoga and stretching. In the evenings, I work out at the fitness centre, focusing on upper body strength, calisthenics, cardio, and cross-fit in general.

DC: How important does healthy eating feature in your lifestyle?

DK: My coach, Mr. Amit Dubey always says, “Exercise is only 30% of the work; the remaining 70% is nutrition.” Food is therefore extremely important to me, and I am constantly looking for new health recipes, in order to give my body the nutrition it needs for my extensive workout.

DC: Do you eat everything, or do you avoid certain foods?

DK: When I am preparing for a race or a fitness event, I cut down on junk food and take a balanced diet of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. As part of my daily routine, I try to have eggs, fruit smoothies, oats, chicken soup, lentil soup, nuts, dry fruit, fish, grilled chicken, and all the vegetables. I also love to gorge on chips and chocolates though.

DC: What did you expect when you registered for Devils Circuit?

DK: When I registered for the Legends Cup, I had very little idea of the sheer strength that would be required to run the races, and the fierce competition that I would have to face.

DC: How easy or difficult was Devils Circuit in reality?

DK: The initial races were incredibly difficult for me, as I struggled with some of the obstacles, and realized the full extent of the competitive nature of the race. Eventually, I started focusing on improving the areas where I struggled, and focused even more on running at full speed, to improve my stamina.

DC: How did you prepare your body between each DC race?

DK: Before and after a race, I would actively rest for two days, and in between, I would follow a strict running routine each day, trying to improve my speed. Post running, I would go for yoga and some stretching. In the evenings, my workout would be focused on upper body strength, improving my grip, and working on my weak points.

DC: What message would you give to other girls about running the Legends cup?

DK: The Legends Cup requires extensive focus and dedication, and as long as a participant is determined to win and takes all the effort required to reach there, there is no stopping them.

DC: What fitness and health tips would you give to our participants for the next legends Cup? How can they win it?

DK: I would suggest working on two factors – running and upper body strength. Daily running will help improve stamina and maintain a good timing in the races, whereas upper body strength will help with the obstacles.

DC: Tell us some of your other passions besides fitness?

DK: I am also keen on dancing and have taken dance lessons for a year.

DC: Who is your fitness idol?

DK: My coach is my fitness idol, as without his training, I wouldn’t even have discovered my own potential. Mr. Frank Medrano also inspires me to challenge myself every day.

DC: What else are you focusing on at the moment?

Dk: I am participating in the Spartan World Championship this year.


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