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How to Build Strength Required During A DC Race

Here are 5 exercises that can help you build strength for a DC race.

1. Kettlebell Swing

Bend and hinge by sitting back and bend a little more at the hips, always go back more than your knees. Do not confuse with a squat. Then swing the kettlebell back and behind your knees. Bend more at the hips with a slight bend at the knees and keeping a strong, straight back. Keep the momentum to generate the power of the movement.

Target areas: muscles of the core, hips, glutes, and hamstrings, and the shoulders.

2. Pull ups

At first, grab the bar with your palms down. Hang to the pullup-bar with arms straight and your legs off the floor. Slowly Pull yourself up by pulling your elbows down to the floor. Go all the way up until your chin across the be bar. Then again lower yourself until your arms are straight.

Target Areas: works on your best on your lats muscles. They also work your biceps, upper back and forearms.

3. Squats

For a squat, stand with your back straight, hands raised in front and your feet parallel to your hips. Your knees should be pointed straight as should your toes. Start to lower your body, but instead of bending your knees to lower yourself, bend your hips. Stay in that position for a few seconds and come back up to the starting position.

Target Areas: Add muscles to your lower body—thighs, hamstrings, quadriceps, and glutes.

4. Burpees

Stand straight with your feet together. Now touch the ground in front of your feet and shoot your legs back so you lie on your chest in a straight line. Use your hands to push your upper body away from the ground now and at the same time, use your core muscles to pull your legs in and stand back up. Jump and clap your hands above your head to complete one burpee.

Target Areas: Burpees are a complete body workout that helps tone your arms, chest, quads, glutes, hamstrings, and abs.

5. Plank

Planks burn a lot of fat when done right and help strengthen your core. Lie on your chest with your hands on your side. Now use your elbows and forearm to raise your body till it forms a straight line between the toes and your shoulders. Make sure your hips are not arching downwards and your back is straight.

Target Areas: Hold that position for as long as you can and release. This exercise helps your abdominal muscles and core.

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