Work With Us

What’s our DNA?

All our employees come from different backgrounds and experience; we have few common strands which bind us: we are simple people with passion for sports and eager to learn. What make an ideal Volano team member is not the years of experience or education but it’s the ability to lead, innovate and play through challenging situations on day to day basis. It’s the drive to create a world class events and forge lifetime friendship with a team of hard working individuals with common goal in mind.


Volano Entertainment is committed towards people and this commitment has also been a reason for it’s growth hence proving that it’s a win-win formula. Health, Flexibility & Financial Security ensure that our employees are able to keep their focus on delivering exceptional quality to our customers.

At Volano we don’t just help you reach out to more of your TG, we create an active engagement opportunity for you! Sports especially, now globally is a means of creating an emotional connect between brands and their consumers and at Volano, we too use sport as a medium of building this connect. As brands evolve, they need points of connection where they can intertwine their story with their consumers. This is how we come into the picture. By creating multiple touch points, we help brands integrate into the lives of their audience.
This ability combined with our expertise in flawless execution, is a prime reason we have some fantastic brands such as Maruti Suzuki Swift, Reebok and Apollo on board as partners. Reach out to us today and find out how we can create a story just for you.
In todays fast paced world, we firmly believe that unless your work place can be your second home, you will not be able to deliver your best and maximise your career potential. With this philosophy, Volano offers a best in class working environment which nurtures creativity, hones skill and celebrates individual quirks of personality.

A full belly is the prerequisite for a sharp mind! At Volano, our kitchen is always stocked and our belly always full! We believe in thoroughly patronising the local restaurants and cafes and through the day there is a constant stream of food delivery! Did we say we love milkshakes and ice cream? How do we stay fit if we eat so much? Easy peasy! We play sport!
  • Casual work environment
  • Football matches
  • Birthday gift, anniversary gift & gifts on other personal milestones
  • Yearly smart phone reimbursement
  • Professional development


For us the biggest fitment requirement is an avid interest in sports. People who eat and breathe sport, are our kind of people. Which is why we leave no opportunity to play sport. Football Wednesdays? Check! Football weekends? Check After event Cricket? Check! Impromptu workout in the office? Check! Rafting in freezing waters? Check! High rope courses? Check! We even create random sporting activities because hey, there is always someone in our team up for joining in on the madness!


Lifestyle budget while travelling for Volano Events A chance to travel and enjoy some of the country’s best landscapes

Kashmir to Kanyakumari and then some! Our pan India execution schedule means whether you are in Sales or operations, you travel! Heck we even take the accounts team and office boys along to the events. So basically a couple of years in the job and you can start creating our own map of cities you’ve travelled to and the experiences you’ve enjoyed. Oh and then there are the company offsites which are a complete surprise till the boarding pass is issued. Yes we love to travel and we love to explore.